#TBT: Remember When Lizzy Caplan Was in Mean Girls? Watch These Clips!

It’s been over a decade since Mean Girls was released—but as corny as it sounds, it feels like yesterday.

Maybe it’s because we’re constantly bombarded with references, memes of Lindsay Lohanattacking Rachel McAdams in the cafeteria and that we’re still trying to make fetch work. But we don’t often remember Lizzy Caplan (because she looks like a different person), so in throwing it back today, we’re gonna give you some of our fave Janis Ian moments.

Janis never cared what people thought of her. She gave zero s–ts.

And in this scene, oh it’s so good, Janis rolls up to Cady’s house after she finds out she wasn’t invited to her party. Cady, youza ’bout to get schooled.

And this last one where she attempts to make out with her gay best friend wearing a blue tuxedo and hair in a slicked-back braid. Priceless.

Don’t let the memory of Janis Ian die.

Could there be another Mean Girls? Watch Tina Fey in this clip below to find out.

via E! News

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