John Legend, Chrissy Metz, Rami Malek and More Stars #StandUp2ColonCancer

There may be certain topics that are uncomfortable talking about on the internet and colon cancer is one of them.

But it is the second leading killer amongst cancer death in the United States because people aren’t getting screened, people aren’t aware, people aren’t knowledgeable. We need to make this a bigger conversation and for more people to be aware of the issue.

That’s precisely why John Legend, along with Chrissy Metz, Rami Malek and other stars decided to speak out on social media in support of Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

According to StandUptoCancer, an initiative raising funds for groundbreaking research, almost 20,000 adults ages 50-74 died from colon cancer last year in the United States alone because they were not up to date on screenings. 20 million people do not have regular screenings and via social media, co-founder Katie CouricĀ is encouraging them to take action.

Couric has been having friends advocate for Stand Up to Cancer to raise awareness about the importance of getting tested. Celebrities like Michelle Williams, Busy Philips, Jessica Chastain, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Taraji P. Henson, Glenn Close, Jay Duplass, Amy Landecker, Seth Meyers and William H. Macy took to Instagram to share their support.

And while it’s certainly possible that we’re on the verge of unlocking the answers, it seems as though raising awareness about colon cancer screening is the first proactive step towards stopping this terrible disease in its tracks.


via E! News

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