Here’s Further Proof That Blake Lively is Perfect: “Women Want to Be With Her”

If you follow Blake Lively on Instagram (if you aren’t, you should be—she’s the best), then you’re well aware that the 27-year-old beauty is a fan of posting her personal artwork (seriously, is there anything she can’t do?!).

Ryan Reynolds‘ wife previously teamed up with Ashley Longshore, who is a featured artisan on Lively’s lifestyle site Preserve, to create a collection for website, so E! News caught up with the New Orleans-based artist to find out what it was really like to work with the Age of Adaline stunner.

Lively and Longshore first met over four years ago, and the two began working together at her studio in New Orleans while the actress’ handsome hubby was filming, just prior to the launch of her site.

“We painted on stretch canvas. All the way from sketching the design to applying layers of paint, mixing color. She’s really a natural; you’re definitely born an artist,” Longshore tells E! News. “She really has skills. As an artist, just like an actor, the way you get better is that you do it every day. So when we were painting together, we’d paint from 8 o’clock in the morning till 9 o’clock at night for eight or nine days straight.”

Longshore also filmed a video for Preserve and had the opportunity to work with both Blake and Ryan.

“Ryan has such a great sense of humor,” she said of the Deadpool star. “I’m really excited about this

because Blake and I spent so much time, really intense time painting in the studio together. Intense in that Blake is so thoughtful, conscientious about the process.”

Asked what the good-looking new parents are like together, Longshore replied, “They’re like anybody else…in love. They’re very thoughtful people.”

“Blake and Ryan are both extremely talented,” she continued, singing the picture-perfect couple’s praises. “They are both are so enthusiastic about the art, to see them both put such a kick-ass effort, and Blake has true talent.”
While Lively has previously said that her other half is very involved in her lifestyle site, Longshore seconded that sentiment, proving that the A-list actor is indeed a doting husband.

“They both are involved in their home together,” she said of the happy pair. “He is a wonderful man. It’s nice to see a husband involved in the design process. He cares very much about art and design.”

Confirming that Blake is truly as perfect as she seems, Longshore added of her pal, “She’s a really sweet, kind, thoughtful, generous person, and she’s f–king gorgeous and married to Ryan Reynolds.”

And she’s even impossible to hate!

“You can’t hate her!” she admitted with a laugh. “She’s the kind of woman—women want to be her, men want to be with her—she’s just gorgeous, beautiful, radiant soul. I feel very blessed to have her in my life. She lets her light shine very bright. I bet she’s going to be such an amazing mom!”


via E! News 

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