A #TBT Thank-You to Degrassi for Making Drake Famous

Let’s take it back to those post-bar mitzvah boy days when Aubrey Drake Graham hadn’t quite yet capitalized on his swag and musical genius.

“I was in eighth grade and there was this kid in my class whose father was an agent. My biggest problem in school was that I was an attention-seeker, so I was always trying to make people laugh in class. And this kid was like, ‘You’re funny, you’ve got timing. You should meet my dad, my dad’s an agent. You’re mixed, and you have a presence about you,'” Drake recalled in a 2009 interview with the Recording Academy.

“So eventually in grade nine I took him up on his offer and went to meet his dad,” the rapper continued. “And his dad was completely like the opposite, ‘I don’t think [this kid] really has anything to offer…’ [Laughs] I thought I was gonna walk in there and be a star, and he was like, ‘Nah, you don’t really have it.'”

Well, maybe he was just shy at first?

Drake told Jimmy Fallon just last year that he did something he shouldn’t have done right before his first Degrassi audition, “It starts with a ‘w’ and ends with an ‘eed’ and we did it out of what stars with a ‘b’ and ends with an ‘ong.'”

He furthered with what arguably could be the best thing he’s ever said: “All the cool Jewish kids were doing it!”

Yes! So in addition to thanking Degrassi for Drake’s fame, we’re also gonna thank the cool Jews–if it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t have nailed his audition, wouldn’t of played Jimmy Brooks aka “Wheelchair Jimmy”, wouldn’t of been on Canadian screens for seven years, and certainly would not have become the sexy swagalicious rapper we’ve all come to know and love.

Hold up, before that could happen, he created a MySpace.

In an interview from his mom’s basement in Toronto, a 22 year-old Aubrey says, “Degrassi helped build a fan base, it was a stepping stone, people saw my face, and were even eager to hate because they be like, ‘Oh this dude has a MySpace. I wanna hear how wack it is!'”

*Note he’s not wearing shoes and there is laundry in the corner.

But wait, he continues, “I got a lot of emails like, ‘Yo, I thought your MySpace was gonna be like wack, but yo, you’re like really talented.”

Yes, yes you are.


Via E! News 

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